Holiday Coasters Kit

Holiday Coasters Kit

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Holiday Coasters Kit includes:

  • Let’s Get Blitzened canvas
  • Making Spirits Bright canvas
  • Pink Snowflakes 1 canvas
  • Pink Snowflakes 2 canvas
  • Vineyard Silk in Desert Flower (Light Pink) - 4
  • Silk Lamé Braid cards in SL45 (hot pink, SL51 (turquoise), SL59 (purple), SL114 (orange), and SL220 (lime green)
  • Hot pink collapsible scissors

Designs measure 3 inches square on 18 mesh.

There are non-kitted version of this canvas here.

Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.




Design measures 3 inches square on 18 mesh.

This canvas can be finished in several ways, including a coaster (a kitted set is available here), a square ornament, a paper weight, or fits into a Planet Earth box for 3-inch inserts.

Please note that canvas does not include threads or come stitched, but does include a needle and taped edges!

Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.

Thread Recommendations:

Silk: Vineyard Silk: Desert Flower (Light Pink), Chateau (Hot Pink), Cascade (Turquoise), Nectarine (Orange), Deep Wisteria (Purple), Jasmine (Lime)

Sparkly: Vineyard Silk: Desert Flower (Light Pink), Rainbow Gallery: Silk Lamé Braid in SL45 (hot pink), SL114 (orange), SL220 (lime), SL59 (purple), SL51 (turquoise)

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