Pink Menorah

Pink Menorah

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May your holidays be as bright as a fully lit (and pink!) menorah!  This adorable canvas is in collaboration with Annie Zigman of Ziggy Stitches and can be purchased through both artists.

Design measures 4x4 inches on 18 mesh.

Please note that canvas does not include threads or come stitched, but does include a needle and taped edges! 

Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.

Thread Recommendations:

Silk: Vineyard Silk: Bright White, Desert Flower (Light Pink), Chateau (Hot Pink), Commodore Blue, Jasmine (Lime Green), Nectarine (Orange), Custard (Yellow), Cascade (Turquoise), Golf (Green), Holiday (Red), (Deep Wisteria (Purple).  Rainbow Gallery: Fyre Werks in FT58 (Gold).

Sparkly: Vineyard Silk: Bright White, Desert Flower (Pink),  Rainbow Gallery: Silk Lamé Braid in SL45 (hot pink), SL08 (red), SL126 (yellow), SL136 (green), SL192 (blue), SL114 (orange), SL220 (lime green), SL59 (purple), SL51 (turquoise), Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks in FT58 (gold).



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