Here are some frequently asked questions, but feel free to contact me at stitchrockdesigns@gmail.com if there is anything else I can help with.

Q: What is needlepoint?

A:  Needlepoint is a type of canvas work, where the yarn is stitched through a stiff open weave canvas in a tent or basketweave stitch (or more complex stitches if you prefer).  Needlepoint canvases are hand painted, which takes the guess work out of stitching, so you always know what color thread belongs to each intersection of the canvas (where the stitch goes).  As a bonus, it’s very meditative and a great project for winding down after a long day!

Q: Do the canvases come taped and with a needle?

A:  Yes!  All canvases are taped and will include a Bohin needle for 13 or 18 mesh depending on the canvas ordered.

Q: What is the difference between 13 and 18 mesh?

A:  The most common mesh sizes in needlepoint are 13 and 18 mesh.  Needlepoint canvas is an open mesh, with an interlocked weave.  13 mesh means there are 13 intersections to an inch, 18 mesh means there are 18 intersections to an inch, and allows for more intricate detail.  You will typically see smaller canvases (ornaments, sunglasses ) on 18 mesh and larger canvases on 13 mesh but depends on the design.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A:  Not currently, however there are several artists that do beautiful custom work!  Feel free to reach out to stitchrockdesigns@gmail.com for recommendations.

Q: How do I get alerts for items I want that are sold out?

A: On the product page, click the option to get an email notification for a restock alert!

Q: How soon will sold out items become available?

A: Items will typically be restocked within 4-6 weeks.  If you set an email notification alert on the product page, you will get first dibs on the restock.  Items are sold in local needlepoint stores as well!  Please visit the Retailers page for details on the shops currently carrying my products.

Q:  Do you accept returns/exchanges?

A: No, as each canvas is custom hand painted.  However, if there is an issue with your order, please email me at stitchrockdesigns@gmail.com.

Q:  What threads should I use?  Can I buy them from you?

A:  Many canvases have a kitted version available.  Please visit the Kits section for the available kits.  For general thread recommendations, many canvases have thread recommendations on the product page, but feel free to email me at stitchrockdesigns@gmail.com if the one you are looking for is not currently listed.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Within 1 week of the order, unless it's a presale, which will notify you via email when it is available if you set an alert on the product page.

Q: What are your shipping options?

A: I ship USPS Priority Mail and USPS First Class Package for both US and Canada customers.

Q:  What is finishing?

A: Finishing is the process of taking your completed item to make into a final product, i.e. an ornament, pillow, clutch, etc.

Q: Where do I send my canvas to be finished?

A:  Your local needlepoint store can help you with this!  My advice is to provide very specific instructions if you have a vision for how you want it to look when it’s done as there are lots of ways for canvases to be finished!  You can always email me at stitchrockdesigns@gmail.com if you have any questions/need recommendations.

Q: How do I open a Wholesale account?

A: Please visit the Wholesale section to open up a Wholesale account!

Q: Do you do trunk shows?

A: I do!  Please visit the Trunk Show page for updated information.