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Ikat Ornament

Ikat Ornament

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Design measures 4 inches round on 18 mesh.

This round canvas is an ideal size for an ornament, but could also be sewn onto a rattan bag as a Spring/Summer accessory!

Please note that canvas does not include threads or come stitched, but will include a needle and taped edges.

There is a kitted version of this canvas here.

Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.

Thread Recommendations:

Silk: Vineyard Silks in Bright White, Nectarine (orange), Chateau (hot pink), Desert Flower (light pink), Cascade (turquoise), Commodore Blue, Deep Wisteria (purple).

Sparkly: Vineyard Silk in Bright White, Silk Lamé Braid in SL45 (hot pink), SL192 (blue), SL114 (orange), SL25 (light pink), SL116 (purple), SL213 (turquoise)

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